how to reduce leaflet printing cost

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How to reduce leaflet printing cost

There are many ways to print leaflet and many sizes available to printing leaflet but the main thing is how to reduce leaflet printing cost? In any business like manufacturing products or selling products or services you have to explain some highlights to the respect customers. Leaflet is the best medium to explain. Because the mass distribution of leaflet there is always matter cost of printing. Here is some tips that can help to reduce the cost of leaflet printing.

  1. Choose appropriate size according to your matter – It is necessary that always focus matter or content of leaflet not necessary to choose size. For example if your matter will fit in A5 size with fine design why choose A4 or higher size? Size of leaflet always matters in cost reduction. If required print both side of A5 if matter or content exceed.
  2. Choose paper thickness – Choose always thin paper like 90 gsm art paper or 100 gsm art paper it will reduce cost without any losing printing quality. When you have to give leaflet by hand then you choose 130 gsm paper.
  3. Create matter or contect minimum or highlighted – If you can explain your service or product in short way then it will help you to choose size or pritnting both side requirement. Both side printing will increase cost.
  4. Design the leaflet in two colour process – If the mass distribution required then you can design leaflet in two colour. There are many designs that looks beautiful in two colour process. Designer must be good and expert in two colour process.
  5. Single colour process – Single colour printing always a cheapest way to printing leaflet.

All above mentioned points are important to reduce leaflet printing cost. But the main thing is do not compromise the required designs. Because the main purpose of printing leaflet is to convince customers for your product or services.