10 things must care in Brochure Design

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10 things must care in Brochure Design

Brochure Design must be a challenging job for designers. It is basically used for marketing and brand building. We can say this is the backbone of any company marketing strategy so the challenges come. If we design a good brochure it will help in the branding of the company so we have to take care of this creative parts. We all know that brochure design must be eye-catching and soothing but the question is how to make brochure design so that it will look eye-catching? Follow 10 things must care in brochure design Here is the solution!

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Before you start designing a brochure must care for these 10 points

  1. Images using in the design should be high resolution. If we don’t have high-resolution images then they can’t be used larger in any page of the brochure.
  2. Try to put a similar type background in facing pages. Like page no 2 and 3 backgrounds will be similar in color or images.
  3. Always choose varnish or lamination if the background is darker in brochure design. So if the brochure is low-cost budget don’t put a heavy dark background. The white color is a good idea.
  4. Abstract art can be used on the front page of the brochure design. Abstract lines and arts can give an ultimate look always. Don’t try to put excessive matters on the cover’s front page.
  5. Try to understand the requirement of the brochure and the targeted people. Example if the targeted peoples are a common man then use an actual image for graphical representation. If the targeted peoples are highly educated then you can use indicative icons or vectors.
  6. Selection of colors must be appealing. Always take care of text colors also it should be clearly visible on the background color.
  7. Headings on the colorful strip is a good idea to represent page title.
  8. Don’t use so many graphical effects in brochure pages like embossed heading, gradient heading etc.
  9. Try to follow the theme of the brochure always. Don’t change if not necessary.
  10. Minimum Text and maximum graphics will be the better option for a good design.

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